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Produced in unique climatic conditions found in the semi-arid hinterland of the São Francisco Valley, our fruits are characterized by a soft and sweet flavor, an incomparable aroma and high quality.

Our team is always committed to perfecting techniques and services according to your needs. Differentiated treatment, excellent communication and efficient after-sales follow-up are some of the essential aspects of our work.



Vitória Grape

Black seedless grape with high fertility, reaching 19º BRIX at harvest. Much appreciated in the national and English markets.

Crimson Grape

Seedless red grape produced throughout the year. With elongated berries and crocanter and flavor very appreciated by the market.


Red Globe Grape

Red grape with seed, has very large bunches, moderately loose, with excellent visual aspect. The berries are rounded and large, pink in color, firm texture and neutral flavor.


Sugraone Grape

Light seedless grape, offers a great explosion of sweet and smooth flavor wrapped in a crunchy texture.


Sweet Jubilee Grape

Black grapes with seeds. The berry has a large size, with a firm and crunchy texture and excellent flavor.


Sugar Crisp Grape

Clear seedless grapes with large elongated berries and a firm, crunchy texture.


Thompson Grape

Clear seedless grape, very crunchy and delicious.


Summer Royal Grape

Seedless black grapes with medium-sized clusters, conical and slightly loose with round and oval berries. The berries are firm and crunchy and have a sweet, neutral flavor.


Kent Mango

Medium to large fruits with low fiber content and oval shape, reaching a sugar content of 21º Bx. Very tasty and much appreciated by the European and Asian market.


Palmer Mango

Medium to large fruits with low fiber content, elongated shape reaching 19º Bx. Delicious and much appreciated in the European market.


Tommy Atkins Mango

Medium sized fruits with medium fiber content, reaching 17º Bx. Very tasty and much appreciated by the American and Asian market.


Keitt Mango

Medium to large fruits with fibers only around the seed, oval with slightly oblique apex, reaching 19º Bx.